Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MME testing for HS Juniors

High School Juniors are on the second day of MME testing. We've had several inquires about what exactly MME testing is, so here goes:

MME = Michigan Educational Assesment

The test is comprised of 3 sections:
1. ACT Test plus Writing  (this is the full ACT test that can be used to send to your child's college)
2.WorkKeys job skills assessments
3. Michigan- developed assessments

History: Back in 1999, Michigan Legislature enacted the Michigan Merti Award. In 2006, Governer Granholm replaced the Award with the Michigan Promise Scholarship. $4000 was awarded to students who passed the test at a level 1 or 2 and these funds could be used to pay for college, trade school, and technical school. Students who passed the test with a score of 1100 or more qualified for early installment payments rather than a lump sum payment after their sophomore year of college. A 2.5 grade point average or better was required.

As of 2009, the State of Michigan discontinued the Scholarship due to lack of funding.

So WHY take the test?? I called the State of Michigan to find out exactly what the test results are used for. If 95% of students don't take the test at any given school, the school can exprience funding cuts. The State uses the scores as a way to test students and schools' progress.  

One great benefit for students and parents is that section 1 of the test is the full ACT test. Basically, it's like taking the ACT test for FREE! If your child is happy with his or her scores, these can be forwarded on to the college that they choose.

Here's the link at the State for more information:

If you have more questions about scholarships and grants in the State of Michigan, you can call them directly at 888-4-GRANTS or email