Monday, February 7, 2011

Teaching Fractions at Home!

We want to share a fun way of teaching fractions at home! This concept is usually introduced in the public school system around 3rd grade, but your child will be ready to start much earlier than that. Even with a toddler, you can use this activity as a counting game.

Have fun! We'd love to hear your feedback.

All you need one Hershey's Bar, a pencil and a piece of paper (We actually think white boards and colored markers are more fun, but the pencial and paper will work too.)

Activity (There's several variations to this, but here's one of them!)
1. Have your child count the number of pieces in the Hershey bar (12)
2. Explain how to write the fraction to reprsent the 12 pieces (12/12= a whole 1)
3. Now have your child eat one piece and explain that she ate 1 of the 12 pieces (1/12) and there are 11 pieces left (11/12).
4. Play around with the pieces and practice writing the fractions!