Monday, February 21, 2011

Constructive Criticism- Part 3- Clarity

Part 3. Clarity

Step 3 is short and simple. Get to the point and be as clear as possible.

A few parents have written in with their stories, and below is one example that we received today:

"After her tutor leaves, I usually continue to work with my daughter on her spelling words for at least 30 minutes. She seems to switch gears and isn't as focused as when her tutor is here and it's frustrating for me. After a lot of thought, I finally just told her how impressed I was with her behavior with her tutor, but that I noticed she had a harder time focusing with me. I was expecting her to get really upset and not want to continue working with me at all, but to my surprise she just suggested that I allow her a twenty minute break. I can't believe she didn't make this suggestion before! I never even thought to offer a break. So now she takes a 20 minute break, comes back to the table and is totally focused when she works with me!"