Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting Organized!

If back to school means losing homework and forgetting the supplies for after school activities, you aren't alone. Below are some tips for getting a grip on the clutter that students can so easily accumulate!

1. Assess the previous school year. Think about the troubles your student had (forgetting homework on the kitchen table) and the great routines that he or she has already established (writing down all homework in a planner). Build off of the good and try to work on the bad. It helps to have a meaningful discussion with your child and help them to create a new plan. It also can help to have a reward system. We had one parent reward her son with one itunes download for every week that he didn't have any missing assignments.

2. Find your child's organizational style. Most people are either pilers (people who like to stack things) or filers (people who like to keep things out of sight). You'll find great options for stacking bins and/or file folders at your local Target (just a personal favorite).

3. Make a routine. Students usually do best when they have a routine and they know what to expect. It's often helpful to set a certain time for homework every night. Try your best to  keep the house quiet and limit other distractions (television, cell phones, computers) during this designated homework time. If cell phone usage becomes a problem, just make it a rule that the cell will be turned completely off during homework time. We've had a few students try to just put their phone on silent, but then they wanted to constantly look at it to see if someone had called or sent a text.

4. Organize their backpack! Encourage your student to clean out his or her backpack on a weekly basis. If there are any loose papers floating around, this usually means your student doesn't have a good place for them. This may be a sign that there is a need for another binder or folder. Also, store papers at home that your student doesn't need on a daily basis. It's usually best not to throw them away because they will probably need past homework and lesson notes to look over before the next test!

Our tutors will gladly help your child get and stay organized!!